The Paroli Strategy In Roulette

In the 18th century there was a card game called Faro or Pharaon that had a rule called Paroli. In this game, when the player won and gave up on collecting the profit from the round, it meant that they would bet that amount on the next round. To do this you also had to fold one of the corners of a letter. Hence the term of the Paroli strategy in roulette, also known as Martingale invesa.

Paroli Strategy

The Paroli or Reverse Martingale strategy could be defined as an improved version of the well-known Martingale strategy . It is a system that is based on the doubling of the simple bet but only in case of winning the hand. In the case of losing the hand, the amount to bet is the same as in the previous round. In this way it is easier to recover the money invested and the risk of loss is significantly lower than in the Martingale strategy .

The reverse Martingale betting method is much less risky and dangerous than the traditional Martingale strategy. For this reason it is used by some beginner players who want to play roulette and not shell out a large sum of money. However, you need to remember that there are no stable earnings from using this type of strategy.

 How To Efficiently Play The Paroli Method

  • The first thing to take into account is the budget we have to know what to bet and what our limit is.
  • Determine The Initial Bet . Since in the case of losing, you have to bet exactly the same amount and so on until you win a round. In the case of winning the hand, the bet will be doubled. Example:
  • In our first bet we bet 1 euro. If we lose the round, we will bet 1 euro again until we win. In the case of winning, the bet is doubled, that is, 2 euros would be bet. In the case of winning the round again, the bet would be doubled again and 4 euros would be bet. So on until a round is lost. In that case, the initial bet would be returned, that is, 1 euro.
  • Decide What Type Of Bet To Make: Inside Bet Or Outside Bet. Obviously, it is always better to place bets of an external type, since the chances of hitting are higher. So we will decide whether to bet on red or black, odd or even, low or high numbers.
  • smart player’s tip is to decide in advance when to stop playing, either because you’ve reached the maximum budget or because of a number of winning rounds . It is true that if the progression of winning rounds increases, the benefits also increase. But at the same time, the chances of a losing streak grow disproportionately.

Is The Money That Is Played Only The One That Is Obtained When Winning A Game To The Bank?

Some players believe that using the Reverse Martingale system is playing with the bank’s money. However, it is totally out of touch with reality. Casinos are gambling companies and their only objective is to make money, the money of the players. For this reason it is absurd to believe that the player plays with the bank’s money. It is true that if you get a positive streak of four wins before a loss, of the 16 chips that are lost, only one was from the player and the remaining 15 came from the bank. However, it is likely that before getting 4 positive rounds, you have gone too many rounds without reaching 4 positive rounds. The bottom line is that you will keep playing to try to get your money back thanks to a successful progression.

So what is the number of successful progressions before going back to ante? It will depend on the type of player. There are players who mark the limit in six progressions. In this case, the gains are very high but the chances of losing are also very high. There are many players who mark themselves as number 3. It is true that the benefits are not that high, but it is easier to achieve goals.

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